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Past Trainings 2016-2018

This section contains a list of Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee trainings 2016-2018. You will find the title and date of each conference as well as the names of all sessions and presenters. There is a link below the title of each training that will connect you to the complete program.


November 15, 2016

MCLE, Boston

Harm From Discolsure of Psychiatric Information
Susan Fendell, J.D.
Marc Natter, M.D.
Vivian Nunez, B.S.W., CPS
Ruthis Poole, CPS

Breakout for Social Workers and Other Clinicians
Hirdey Bhathal, Ph.D.
Susan Fendell, J.D.
Adrian Gropper, M.D.
Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, M.D., MPH, COL (Ret.)

Breakout for Attorneys and Advocates
Karen Bower, J.D.
Andrew Musgrave, J.D.
Mala Rafik, J.D.
Chetan Tiwari, J.D.

Open Notes
Michael Kahn, M.D.

Pet Therapy
John Moon

Implicit Bias and Its Impact on Delivering Services
Jack Cao

Guided Meditation
Majorie Jacobs, M.A.

Housing, Peer Respite, and Other Holistic Care
Cynthia Piltch, Ph.D., CPS
Jeff Olivet, M.A.
Micah Matthias

Moving Forward on Realizing the Possibilities
Susan Fendell, J.D.

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May 13, 2016

MCLE Conference Center, Boston

LaQuinta Inns & Suites, Springfield via Simulcast

The Landscape for Students or Color with Emotional and/or Behavioral Issues
Kelly Capatosto
Robert Fleischner, J.D.
Dan French Ed.D.
Phillip Kassel, J.D.

Implicit Bias, Stigma, and Harsh Consequences
Kelly Capatosto
Ja'Loni Owens

The Texas Story
Deborah Fowler J.D.

Race Sensitive Alternatives to Punitives Approaches
Kelly Capatosto
Dan French Ed.D.
Dania Vazquez Ed.D.

Litigation Strategies and Legal Remedies
Matt Cregor, J.D.
Fran Fajana, J.D.
Robert Fleischner, J.D.
Alina Kantor Nir, J.D.
Marlies Spanjaard, J.D.

Community Organizing, Legislative and Administrative Advocacy, and Student Activism
Valerie Bonds
Vira Douangmany Cage
Teena-Marie Johnson
Miriam Ruttenberg, J.D.
Lisa Thurau J.D.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Phillip Kassel J.D.

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